Friday, January 8, 2010

“Things I’ve Learned in the First Week” December 21, 2009

Things I've Learned in the First Week:

1. John 16:21

2. How much love I have for this child <3

3. Nap when he naps!!!!!

4. Feeding schedules...don't quite exist yet! But we are on to one and had a good day & night!

5. Grandparents spoil good!

6. He hates being swaddled (the process), but loves being swaddled (the result).

7. When swaddled he insists on having his hands out of the blankets-Insists! This is so that when he sleeps he can put his little hand under his cheek :)

8. The only way Daddy will wake up for feedings is if Mommy turns on every light in the bedroom!

9. How many levels of frustration actuallly exist!

10. Never play paper-rock-scissors for a dirty diaper.

11. How cute all his little noises are...yes, even the little toots.

12. He hates baths, but loves the lotion afterwards!

13. Mommy is better at swaddling for bedtime; Daddy is better at swaddling during the day.

14. How much I panic at night when I think I can't hear him breathing.

15. Give it time. Whatever it is, give it time. 'This too shall pass'.

16. The cat is still VERY confused...

17. Not to believe everything you hear about parenting, and yes, there is such a thing as too much advice.

18. I dread the sound of the alarm for feedings at night, but that feeling fades once he's in my arms :)

19. Nothing sweeter than a sleeping child.

20. Nothing compares to the feeling of a tiny hand wrapped around my finger.

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