Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Loved This Thought...

I've been reading "Real Mom, Real Jesus" by Jill Savage {Owner/Creator of Hearts At Home ministry}. I bought it for this reason:

Yep, that's a basket of dirty laundry on the cover. What can I spoke to me! The only sad part is that my husband convinced me to buy it for Kindle, so I don't get to look at that amazing cover each time I pick it up, or for that matter, I don't get to dog-ear the pages, scribble thoughts in the margins, or use a nifty pink highlighter on special passages. 

But the awesome part? It's jam packed full of great thoughts on the Lord and how He truly can relate to ME! A mommy!! A wife!!! A crazy, coffee-injected-caffeine-addict-wife-to-one-and-mother-to-two!!! 

Here's the Truth and reminder that I read today: {please pause while I click my way through the pages, you know, since I can't BOOKMARK it with a pretty receipt or scrap of a coloring page paper. Incase you haven't caught on, I'm a V-Book kinda person...that's V for VINTAGE-where you can FEEL the paper in your hands and HEAR the pages turn...}

Everyday life gives us so many opportunities to bless our family; pray for wisdom, protection, and direction; and just spend time talking with God.
He wants to hear ME talk to HIM. It's a two-way street. I need to talk to Him and He wants to hear me; He wants to talk to me and I need to hear Him.

I love how she explains a way, even as a busy mom of five, that helps her remember to spend time in prayer, and something I hope to challenge myself to do from now on.

As I folded Mark's T-shirt I began my conversation with God. "God, thank You for my husband. Thank You for all that You have created him to be." I smoothed out a pair of jeans with, "Lord, help him to look to You for his value rather than his job or what the world falsely offers. I pray that he will be a man who longs for Your truth." As I began to pair his socks I prayed, "Keep his feet on Your path, Lord. Help him to walk in the Spirit more often than in the flesh."
As I pulled a couple of Erica's shirts out of the laundry basket, I prayed, "Lord, help Erica to want what You offer more than what the world has to offer. Keep her strong against the peer pressure she experiences in high school."

As I read on, Savage depicted how she prayed for her family while folding their laundry. I loved that idea, the simplicity of the prayers, and the reminder that He constantly wants to hear me talk to Him.

The Inaugural Playing of Winter Snow for the Season!

This is probably one of my favorite *winter* {if I say winter, does that make it less harmful than saying I'm playing Christmas songs already?} songs. There's a chance of snow today {seriously!?}, so we're going to welcome it appropriately. 

Winter Snow by Audrey Assad

Could've come like a mighty storm 
With all the strength of a hurricane 
You could've come like a forest fire 
With the power of heaven in Your flame 

But You came like a winter snow 
Quiet and soft and slow 
Falling from the sky in the night 
To the earth below 

You could've swept in like a tidal wave 
Or an ocean to ravish our hearts 
You could have come through like a roaring flood 
To wipe away the things we've scarred 

But You came like a winter snow 
(Yes, You did) 
You were quiet 
You were soft and slow 
Falling from the sky in the night 
To the earth below 

Oh, no, Your voice wasn't in a bush burning 
No, Your voice wasn't in a rushing wind 
It was still 
It was small 
It was hidden 

You came like a winter snow 
Quiet and soft and slow 
Falling from the sky in the night 
To the earth below 

(Oh, yeah) 
To the earth below 
You came falling 
From the sky in the night 
To the earth below