Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Loved This Thought...

I've been reading "Real Mom, Real Jesus" by Jill Savage {Owner/Creator of Hearts At Home ministry}. I bought it for this reason:

Yep, that's a basket of dirty laundry on the cover. What can I spoke to me! The only sad part is that my husband convinced me to buy it for Kindle, so I don't get to look at that amazing cover each time I pick it up, or for that matter, I don't get to dog-ear the pages, scribble thoughts in the margins, or use a nifty pink highlighter on special passages. 

But the awesome part? It's jam packed full of great thoughts on the Lord and how He truly can relate to ME! A mommy!! A wife!!! A crazy, coffee-injected-caffeine-addict-wife-to-one-and-mother-to-two!!! 

Here's the Truth and reminder that I read today: {please pause while I click my way through the pages, you know, since I can't BOOKMARK it with a pretty receipt or scrap of a coloring page paper. Incase you haven't caught on, I'm a V-Book kinda person...that's V for VINTAGE-where you can FEEL the paper in your hands and HEAR the pages turn...}

Everyday life gives us so many opportunities to bless our family; pray for wisdom, protection, and direction; and just spend time talking with God.
He wants to hear ME talk to HIM. It's a two-way street. I need to talk to Him and He wants to hear me; He wants to talk to me and I need to hear Him.

I love how she explains a way, even as a busy mom of five, that helps her remember to spend time in prayer, and something I hope to challenge myself to do from now on.

As I folded Mark's T-shirt I began my conversation with God. "God, thank You for my husband. Thank You for all that You have created him to be." I smoothed out a pair of jeans with, "Lord, help him to look to You for his value rather than his job or what the world falsely offers. I pray that he will be a man who longs for Your truth." As I began to pair his socks I prayed, "Keep his feet on Your path, Lord. Help him to walk in the Spirit more often than in the flesh."
As I pulled a couple of Erica's shirts out of the laundry basket, I prayed, "Lord, help Erica to want what You offer more than what the world has to offer. Keep her strong against the peer pressure she experiences in high school."

As I read on, Savage depicted how she prayed for her family while folding their laundry. I loved that idea, the simplicity of the prayers, and the reminder that He constantly wants to hear me talk to Him.

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  1. This is a great (and practical) idea. Using laundry to prompt prayers for that specific individual. I've thought for quite a while that the laundry room is a great place to meet with the Lord (since I have 6 children, it is one of the only quiet rooms in the house!)Thanks for the great tip!