Thursday, January 21, 2010

aFteRnOOn with aNNa

We were invited to some friends' house for dinner on Sunday, and then again on Tuesday for some scrapbooking. The girls all fought over who got to hold Isaac and who got to give him his bottle ;) Here are some pictures from our weekend:

miss anna gave me a bottle before church in daddy's office...

...then she called me cute and kissed my forehead. girls are weird.

dinner at miss anna's. ...i know there's a piano behind me!!! can't wait till my fingers are big enough to play it!!!

whatdya think-could i pull it off as a blonde??

miss rebecca fed me...

...while mom and miss anna scrapbooked...

...then miss peggy tried to burp me, but i fell asleep.

actually, my day wasn't done after all this excitement! i still go to go to miss jan and mr. brian's for dinner!,but i was so tired i slept through it all!

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