Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I am. Are you?

cute video. great message. www.imhappilymarried.com

ok, so i was writing you a reply and my computer went on the fritz (actually firefox did)!!! mean facebook!!!

let's try again, shall we?

...your grandpa: PRAYED! keep us posted on how he's doing.

please pray for alan's uncle-he had an MRI today, along with other tests, and a first-time-ever type of biopsy to determine if a spot on his liver is cancerous. if it is, then all they can do is chemo back home to keep him comfortable. otherwise, if it's not, then they can start treatments which will be up at Mayo and take approx. 5-6weeks, with a 20% survival rate...if all goes well, then they'd do surgery to remove esophagus/stomach and after that's survival is a couple years. So, please pray that his test today comes back clear on the liver (we should find out tomorrow or by the end of the week), and that he'd survive treatments, and for wisdom for the doctors, along with patience for the family and John.

as for me...frustrated. but trying to be patient. i know it wasn't anyone's fault this time that it got pushed back again, and i know it's only one more week, but there's this part of me that is just really anxious to know what our future holds: does it mean staying here? does it mean quitting curves and actually being able to afford things again? does it mean moving and job hunting

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