Tuesday, January 12, 2010

"Loved, Forever" by Tim Weddle

Another intention of this site is to draw on inspiration, or to share things that have inspired me. I read this note from a friend today, and it was a blessing, and wanted to pass it along.

"Loved, Forever" by Tim Weddle

These are a few words I jotted down during a recent wedding. I don't know the couple or have a picture of them. But this snapshot of their life together was an encouragement to me, so I hope it encourages you as well.

She was standing by one of the round tables near the front of the room. Almost forgotten in the festivities of the wedding reception, she passively watched the dances from a distance. Her dark hair had begun to turn grey and age was beginning to take its toll on her body. The three-wheeled walker made it easier for her to stand, although it was evident that walking was quite a task. Her best years were long gone, so the world would say.

So it was a surprise to see her on the dance floor halfway through the evening. Her husband, an equally elderly man with a barrel chest, was not really dancing with her. No, he was just holding her up, and she, with her tired head on his chest, somehow just looked glad to be back out on the floor with her man. It didn’t so much matter to her that she couldn’t walk. And come to think of it, he didn’t care either. At the wedding reception, we were all reveling in the excitement of a new marriage. But alone in their own little world, this couple was living out the vows they’d made so many years ago. They’d had the years of excitement and marital bliss. The days they’d shared together had been wonderful. But tonight, it was evident that the days had turned to years, and the years into a lifetime. Time had turned the page on her youth, and her broken body was a cruel reminder of her mortality.

But tonight, none of that mattered. She was still with him. He’d loved her for with all of his heart, and with all that was left of her strength, she loved him back. Many couples say “for better or worse.” Relatively few mean it or back it up. But here in the middle of a ceremony of eternal love, two life-long lovers quietly showed everyone what forever meant.

And it was beautiful.

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