Friday, January 22, 2010

I Spy...

What's out of place in this picture?

Give up? Second shelf...see the silver coffee mug? I've always loved coffee. It stems back from my days on the high school flag squad when we'd have early morning practice and my mom would make me a cappuccino each brisk fall morning for my drive to school. Then it was the sweet aroma from my caffeteria styrofoam mug that a dear friend would provide for me with marshmallows floating on top, ready at my seat for my 8am theory class with Mrs. Pirtle at SCC. Finally, my love for coffee grew while, as a trainer at Curves, I was the morning opener and my alarm which once went off at 7am began to alert me to awaken at 4:30am. I would stand in the middle of the circuit for the first 30min of work, chatting with the morning crew of ladies while sipping my sweet french vanilla filled thermal mug.

Yes, I love coffee. But it wasn't till having a child that I realized I NEED coffee!! It doesn't even have to be caffinated-just the sweet aroma of the french vanilla, or vanilla caramel, or hazelnut (I actually like coffee with my creamer, not the other way around ;), mixed with the freshness of the grinded coffee beans is enough these days to alert my senses. This morning was no exception, so as I was playing on the floor with Isaac during his 'play-time/back and belly time' I was sipping my sweet drink and needed a place to set it for a moment. It wasn't until this afternoon, that while rocking him, I noticed it was still sitting there, on that second shelf, half sipped, but enough to give me my morning jolt ;)

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