Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Ups, 3 Downs

We now live next to an army post (see, I'm learning, I used to think it was an army base until I was corrected by a soldier!), and that means we're picking up on the army lingo and abbreviations (EVERYTHING is abbreviated!!). One thing that a gentleman at church who is retired from the army is big on is after every event/happening/function to give 3 positive things that came of it, and 3 negative things that could be improved. So, here are my 3 Ups & 3 Downs from yesterday:

3 Downs:

1. While holding Isaac and talking to another mommy on the phone yesterday morning, the little guy spit-up generously all down my v-neck shirt. Good thing Daddy came home shortly which allowed me to shower :)

2. Our dear fussy baby is going through a growth spurt, and thus decided after only 2 hrs that we were apparently starving him and took another bottle. Bad part was we didn't realized he was hungry (nor did he give the signs at first), just thought he was fussy again, so we ended up rocking him for nearly the entire 2 hrs between those bottles (bottle 11:30pm, tried to soothe him till 12:30am, next bottle 1am-1:30am, rocked to sleep till 2am), which made for a LONG night for mommy and daddy!

3. If it was made of cloth, he spit-up on it, or during changings it was peed upon. We did over 2 loads of just his laundry yesterday, and have another load in the wash from last night! Not good when you need an emergency burp cloth and they're all already soaked :P When he first started spitting-up so much Alan researched it to see if that was normal, and one site said, "You baby doesn't have a spit-up problem, you have a laundry problem." :P

3 Ups:

1. He finally slept great yesterday afternoon, allowing me to get an hour nap in!!! First time in over a week he's cooperated to the point where I was able to have a nap long enough to count as a nap :).

2. I got out of the house for 2 hours!!! Alan played with and fed the little guy after work so that I could get some fresh air. It's slightly sad that a trip to Hobby Lobby and Hy-Vee are such a special outing for me :). It's been so cold here that I don't want to take Isaac out unless I have to, so I've been in this house literally since last Monday...though that trip was again just for groceries. Is it sad that I felt like I was on the red carpet with paparazzi wanting my glamorous photo as I pushed the brimming cart through the frozen food section and, as my presence graced the aisle the cooler lights came on one-by-one?? NOTE: Monday nights are the BEST time to get groceries at Hy-Vee! No one is there!!!

3. I LOVE getting packages in the mail!!!...even though they're addressed to my son these days :). We received the outfits from Old Navy that we ordered with the gift card from Isaac's great-aunt Gladys AND a surprise gift of more adorable clothes from cousin Jan!! Thank you both!!!


(Above from Aunt Gladys. The hoodie and polo are 6-12 & 6-9mth, so will be PERFECT for next fall!!

Below from Cousin Jan. The sleeper will fit him perfect right now, and I LOVE the other outfit for church (our main outting these days!)






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