Friday, January 8, 2010

“Another Alan Lack-O-Sleep Story” December 23, 2009

So yesterday Alan got ready for work, then sat down and said he was light-headed and really tired (that night had been especially exhausting with the fussy feedings). I suggested he go take a nap for an hour, then head into work. While I nursed Isaac, I called the friend he was meeting at church and asked if he could meet him 2 hrs later so that Alan could nap. I went in to finally wake him, and he was so asleep that I had to shake him a few times. When he finally came to I said, "It's 3:15 and you're meeting Anna in 15 minutes, so you better get up. I can't come back in and wake you because I have to go start feeding Isaac." Alan looked at me, then looked at the pillow and said, "Isaac, Isaac, time to wake up Isaac...wait, what happened to your head?!?!! (squeezing the pillow)," then looked at me and said, "Oh, this isn't Isaac, it's a pillow." :D

I mentioned it again to Alan last night how funny it was that he'd done that and he didn't even remember it-he was totally talking to me in his sleep!

Oh, while I have your attention, it's come to my attention that I don't have a link to the family email on here-if you'd like to email us you can use the new family one (or just our regular ones if you have them) at I'm not sure, but I think Alan might have one too ( Feel free to write us at them!

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