Friday, January 8, 2010

“I Did Not” December 23, 2009

In the words of another friend who taught me what it means to 'not do' something, here is the list of things I did not do today (so far):

1. I did not set the alarm wrong and oversleep by more than an hour for an early morning feeding only to have a very overly hungry child.

2. I did not throw away the piggy toy on the side of the changing table that Isaac did not pee on like he does not pee on everything every time we change him no matter how many barriers and blockages we do or do not put up during a changing. I totally meant to go for the laundry basket, not the trash can filled with dirty diapers that I then did not sift through to find piggy.

3. I did not kiss my husband goodbye on his way to work, and then again after lunch on his way out the door only to realize that I did not remember to brush my teeth (or hair for that matter) till my shower that I finally got somewhere around 2:30pm, a mere 32 hours since my last shower.

4. Daddy did not burn the bottom of the muffins this morning for breakfast.

5. I did not, after another battle with feeding and latching on, eat a piece or two of Godiva chocolate in bed in an attempt to have a mere moment of stress-free bliss before attempting a nap. A piece of chocolate which dropped on the sheets only to be found by Alan later today as it had melted onto the sheet....

6. I did not notice the big brown poo looking blotch on my arm before my shower from the piece of Godiva chocolate that I napped in.

7. I did not notice, as I leaned over to swaddle Isaac in the crib, the waterfall of leakage that I apparently was nursing the carpet with. (sorry for the blog, my chance to vent!).

8. I am not freaking out about the possible snow storm that could leave us without power/heat in the coming day(s) and wondering if we have enough firewood/diapers/flashlights/batteries/food/etc. to care for an infant in the dark.

...thankfully I did, however, stop to pray.

I hereby welcome myself to Motherhood.

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