Friday, January 8, 2010

“Sleep…Oh Where Art Thou?” December 16, 2009

So at one point I had this vision of writing about emotions/thoughts/etc. of the actual labor process and what it felt like that very moment I became a mom...I will say seeing him for the very first time was so surreal-I couldn't believe he was actually here, that he actually looked like he does, how precious it was to hear those first cries...

...but for now I have approximately 5 minutes of peace, so that post will have to wait for another day :)

Isaac's first afternoon/evening at home was more than memorable (see previous day's post), but the actual night routine well very smoothly for his first night. Sure, there were a few moments of utter frustration from him...from me...from daddy, but overall, it was a good night. Then there was last night...Isaac is still doing the acid reflux thing, and while the night before last it had backed off some, last night it was in full swing, so the poor little guy was having trouble sleeping with it. That meant we got to keep getting up and burping,holding/rocking/cooing. We'd done a good job getting him on a 3 hour schedule, and he's starting to wake on his own for those feedings without us waking him up, but last night threw us all off a bit.

So, needless to say, we're all exhausted! (and that includes the cat as well :) who also got up with us all night). With that in mind, we'll be tag-teaming each other on naps as Alan will be going into work for a bit this afternoon, then for rehearsal tonight, so first evening at home without daddy to help will be a bit of a challenge, so mama needs her rest!

I apologize for the fact that some of the pictures are not quite clear or bright enough-we're still learning this camera, but here is a pic of Alan reading to Isaac at 3:30am during a reflux-won't sleep episode.

Naptime before daddy has to leave!


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