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“In Love with Two Boys J” December 15, 2009

Hey Everyone!

Gotta make this short and sweet so I can go feed the child again :). First of all, thank you so much for all your comments, prayers, thoughts and yummy food!! We are so thankful for you all and excited for you to meet this little guy!

Just a refresher since I haven't posted since last week (gee, I wonder why?), and not knowing what Alan has filled everyone in on, here's a recap: We were induced at 7am on Friday morning the 11th, labored for 16 hours and ended up having a C-Section, and at 10:36pm our little 8lb 20.5in boy was born (with Christmas music playing in the background!!) :) Everything went smoothly, and although I was in a lot of pain, it was obviously SO worth it!! I'm healing up great and little Isaac is doing just fine. He has had a lot of reflux/spit up, and at times it worries us because it sounds like he's having trouble getting it up, so please keep that in your prayers that the reflux would back off soon.

We came home yesterday around 2:30pm and had a crazy, crazy afternoon/evening trying to get this little guy, and us, to adjust to home. Domino is still incredibly confused :) Last night Isaac was so tired we had trouble keeping him awake to feed, then trying to get things in order so Alan could go run and get my medicine, and a quick phone call to borrow a bassinet from a friend so that he can stay in the room with us while this reflux thing is going on, so all-in-all it was a crazy first night at home!!! Alan and I were both EXTREMELY exhausted (again, I wonder why?)!! The good news, however, is that we made it through the first night just fine. Isaac is a great sleeper, so it's harder to get him to wake up and feed than to get him back down to sleep, but we're already on a pretty good 2-3hr feeding schedule and I can already tell he's adjusting to it nicely (thus far at least). We figured out today that if I nap while Isaac naps after the first morning feeding, then Alan could get some laundry done and eat, and now after Isaac's lunchtime feeding, I was able to shower, make dr. appts, relax and eat while Alan naps with Isaac. We're learning quickly that in order to stick to a routine, we BOTH need naptimes!!

I also have to say that I didn't know I could be so in love with two boys at the same time!!!! While Isaac stole my heart the minute I met him, I feel like I'm falling in love all over again with his daddy :). Alan has been incredibly great at helping with every feeding, diaper change, burping, he's a better swaddler than I am as well!! He does SUCH a great job with Isaac and is so amazingly patient, even when I'm not! Feedings are very challenging for us to get used to, but Alan is our constant encourager! Not all dad's wake up with the mom for these long nights, and Alan hasn't missed one feeding yet :) (even in the hospital when the nurses were there to help!). So, Daddy, thank you so, SO much for all of your help, encouragement, love, spiritual leader, support and everything in between. You gave me a card that said I'm a great mom-well  I can't be a great mom without a great dad to help me out and love on us both :).

Judging from the monitor, I can't tell if that's Daddy's heavy breathing, or Isaac's little sounds :), but either way I think the little guy is ready to eat again.

Till next time,


“Prego Pic” December 7, 2009

Took this last prego pic after church today :) For those who haven't seen me lately, thought you might enjoy it!

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