Friday, January 8, 2010

“Picture This” December 18, 2009

Picture this from last night's 3am feeding: Alan in one rocking chair reading to us, me feeding Isaac in the other rocking chair, and Domino curled up next to us on the floor. Yep, the entire Gerling family was in on the feeding :)

At the 10:30/11pm feeding we've begun a family devotional time where Alan reads the verse or passage for the day, we discuss it, then sing a hymn of the week (which ironically this week's hymn is the Getty Christmas hymn 'Joy Has Dawned' which Alan's doing on Sunday morning). Last night Alan decided to grab his little travel guitar and sing a lullaby version of 'Oh Little Town of Bethlehem' to Isaac, and he fell fast asleep...Isaac, not Alan :). It was such a precious few minutes watching him drift off to sleep to the sound of his daddy's voice-one that I'll always treasure.

Also-thanks to everyone signing the guestbook! I just looked at it today for only the 2nd time...I was drugged a bit too much the first time and didn't noticed all the great comments :). Thanks to all who are writing in Isaac's guestbook! That reminds me, please know we have not forgotten you and your families this Christmas! Our Christmas cards will be slightly late considering we want to have some pictures of Isaac and birth announcements to put in them, so they might be belated, but hey, the three wise men were 12 days late on getting to baby Jesus, and considering the list of addresses is already made and the letter is already written, I'd say we're still in good shape :)

Here are a couple more pics taken today...

He fell asleep at the end of his feeding after I burped him. Daddy usually swaddles him after his feeding, but he was too cute and didn't have the heart to wake him!

Alan thought he had dejavu from a scene in Home Alone..."AHHHH!!!!!"

We used to swaddle him with arms in the blanket like they taught us at the hospital...but he always seems to break free. We've noticed the last few days that he loves to sleep with one hand under his head like we both do, so now we leave his little hands out of the swaddle :)

There was also a cute moment today when, after a crying fit of frustration (bad diaper, didn't like it changed), he suddenly got really quiet and serious. I know he just cried himself to the point of being cried out, but Alan hasn't seen him do this yet and thought it was the weirdest thing. Alan says he gets the temper from him and the stone-walling from me. :P

Alan has also taken to whispering in the monitor when he goes to check on Isaac. Today he said, "Yeah, she's a really great mom." :)...but later in the day Alan did something goofy, so when I checked on Isaac I whispered, "Your daddy is a weirdo!", and when I came out of the room Alan said, "Hmm...seems like I got some interference on the monitor here..." :)

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