Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mail call!!!

on wednesday mom & i got some pretty cool gifts in the mail! we love mail!! thank you to some lovely ladies for our gifts!!

thank you, mrs. wendy, for your beautiful blown glass beads for mom's necklaces!!! (the first is Canaan's birthstone which would have been June, and the other has mom's birthstone on top and my birthstone on the inside-how cool!!

Grandma Sherry sent some $$ for me to pick out a play-mat, and mrs. wolfe sent me some money as well!!! So, mom bundled me up for an adventure to Target!! YAY! Unfortunately, the play-mat I wanted was all sold out, so we couldn't buy it, but we did find a lot of cool sweaters for me on sale (18mth-24mth, so I'll wear them eventually, but they were only $3.24 each!!!). We also get to go to Hastings tomorrow with the rest of mrs. wolfe's money so I can pick out more books for my library!

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