Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Frank the Tank

Isaac had his one month appointment today! He's actually 6 weeks old, but the appt. had to be pushed back because our doctor was sick. So, we had it today and FINALLY found out how much this little guy has packed on. He is in the 90% for head size (dude has a big head!), and healthy as can be and now weighs 11 lbs 8 oz!!! Our pediatrician referred to him as 'Frank the Tank' ;)

With his first month appointment came his first shot :(. Mom cried! I wasn't going to look at the needle 'cause I hate needles and get faint at the sight of them, but then thought, "I need to see what they're doing to my child!", and looked...and cried! I looked right as she jammed it in his little thigh. :*( Poor thing jumped a mile off the table! I was telling a friend later that I had watched and her reply was, "Rookie mistake :)."

He concked out after his appointment, and slept another 2 hours!! Poor guy had a busy day and is exhausted, fast asleep, snoring with his hands above his head :). So sweet.

Here's a pic from this evening after some playtime with daddy. Like father, like son...I have a feeling one of his first words will be LAPTOP.





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