Friday, January 8, 2010

“Isaac’s Busy Weekend” December 21, 2009

Isaac had a busy weekend! Friday was his first check-up at the doctor! He's now 7lbs 6oz and will go get weighed again today when he goes back to the doctor to see about his "lovely" constipation ;) Also on Friday Grandpa Gene and Grandpma Rita got in for the weekend and SpOiLeD him! They both held him, Grandpa even changed a dirty diaper or two, and Gma helped him with his 2nd bath.  On Saturday Miss Anna K. visited and snuggled with him a bit as well. Sunday was Isaac's first day in church! Because of the minor feeding battle between him and I, we were all about 15 minutes late for his first Sunday, so we missed Daddy directing the choir :( Like Great-Grandpa Houston, he slept through the entire service :)

Other things to note: Alan still seems to have trouble with those late night feedings. I wake him, along with the child, and he says he's getting up, then ventures in about 10 minutes later because he's fallen back to sleep!! Last night Daddy actually came in just behind me, so I said, "Holy cow! Take a picture-he's actually up with us on time for the feeding!!!" (telling Isaac this). Suddenly Alan gets the camera out and starts taking a picture of Isaac. When I asked why he said, "Because, you said take a picture!" So, for no apparent reason, other than Daddy was OBVIOUSLY not awake, we have an odd picture of our child before his 2am feeding.

Another fun thing: Daddy was SOOOOO tired on Sunday morning before church (he only got about 3 hrs of sleep that night before heading into church) that he took a Mt. Dew with him that he left at the piano during the first service :). Poor Daddy!!! Thank you, Gpa and Gma, for holding him so we could both nap Sunday afternoon!!

On an odd note: I'm that mom. I can't believe I'm that mom!!! I took the camera with me to the doctor's office for his first check-up!!! I think the nurse thought we were weird ;)

Gotta go feed again, then back to the doctor to check his weight!


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