Sunday, December 26, 2010

A Very Gerling Christmas!

Our Christmas on the Prairie 2010 attempt at sewing Isaac a blanket flopped, so I redeemed myself with the 
making of a new phone cover :)

On Christmas Eve Isaac helped Mommy cook all day, and played with his Nativity. The best part of all is that on Christmas Eve morning we received a package from Grandpa Gene & Grandma Rita: The Baby Jesus!!! We had left Him back in Iowa, but He arrived just in time to be placed in the stable with Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve!!!

We realllllllly wanted to help mommy cook, so mommy let us try some dessert she was making. YUM!

I put Isaac's presents out after his nap, thinking he wouldn't even notice them. After his snack time I put him down and started cleaning his tray, then found the little culprit opening his gifts!!! We had to hide them in our room the rest of the night.

Our Christmas Eve dinner before church. Even Isaac got to eat off Mommy's China :)

Daddy's beautiful Christmas Eve service. Isaac and Mommy helped decorate the sanctuary with Mrs. Linda on Thursday morning. Isaac helped Daddy put candles in the candleabrashoweveritisspelled.

Christmas Morning!!!!! Grandma Sherry Skyped us to watch us open our gifts. 
Isaac wanted NOTHING to do with his gifts!...

...he wanted to play with his rhythm station instead.

Eventually we returned our interest to the presents...

...Yay!!! Puffs!!! He didn't put them down at all until he finally convinced Mommy to open them.

Look at that face!

Mommy's pretty table decoration. Since we didn't have snow, she created some!!

You can't see them here, but Christmas morning we woke up to about 4 dozen crows dancing on our roof and pecking at the windows. So annoying!!! It woke up Alan and I, but not Isaac-he slept till 9!

Then we dove into Mommy's fresh cinnamon rolls. 

MMMmmmmmmm!!! So Good!!!

Another highlight was reading the Christmas Story to Isaac before bed (and we skyped Grandma Sherry in too!), but the little guy was into all his toys, so Mommy didn't get a good picture. Another gift was listening to daddy's song on Christmas Eve that he and Pastor Flack wrote, but I'll put that in its own post ;)

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!!!

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  1. Cute phone cover! That's awesome about Baby Jesus. Sounds like typical toddler-ness. :)