Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Feeling Inspired...and Selfish

So as I was working a bit more on my blog here tonight, I was adding blogs that I follow to my list, and when I added, I took a minute to read her latest post. This is a group of women from my old church back home in Iowa who are putting LOVE into ACTION. Read her latest blog to find out how they are doing it.

They've definitely inspired me, and I think I might be contacting her in the near future to find out how I can get involved. In the meantime, I'm trying to brainstorm some other ways that my family, and perhaps yours, can help impact the world this Christmas, and not just by filling our own stockings.

1. Sponsor a child.

2. Give a Goat...or heifer...or a chick...or a llama... In many countries, a family's animal is their main means of money, so by giving them an animal, you are actually giving them much, much more.

     *I just bought Alan's Christmas gift: Chicks! For $20 I was able to purchase a flock of chicks that will help provide eggs for a family, as well as future income.

3. Angel Tree This is a ministry set up to help provide Christmas gifts to children who have a parent in prison.

4. Help serve at a local soup kitchen.

5. Sign up to ring the bell for the Salvation Army

6. Ask your local church of a family in need, then put together a stocking or gift set with the items and give it to them anonymously.

7. Visit a nursing home.

What are some suggestions or things that your family does to spread the Good News of Christmas?


  1. Through world vision we purchased a goat and 2 chickens to be sent to 3rd world country we also did a couple of Operation christmas child shoeboxes through our church.

  2. Feeling a bit random tonight, but.... Okay, with the mood everyone is in this Thursday eve I would have to say, "to serve the spirit of Christmas we are staying away from innocent bystanders and keeping our ever-bloomin' lips sealed." But that really isn't the spirit of your post, now is it? Well, Jodie, your post-- your thoughts -- loverly. and, for the record, I just love llamas. If I could give a llama, I would totally give a llama. I also loved the book "Is Your Mama a Llama." which, if I remember correctly, was a Christmas gift to my child. She's a little bit beyond that book now, but I can still almost recite it from heart.... so... go with the llama.

  3. Oh Shawna, you win the random award of the evening :). But that's why I love you-you keep me on my toes wondering what it might be that you will write next! Well, I'm sorry to say that we chose chicks (I let Alan choose since it was in his name), instead of a Llama. but then again, if my ship comes in perhaps I will send you a Llama for Christmas :).

    Sarah-thank you for having the REAL spirit of the season! :)