Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Kansas Christmas

This year Christmas will be bittersweet as it is the first Christmas that we will not have family in or near on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While part of me is very sad because Christmas Eve with my family is my favorite tradition of all, and I will miss it greatly, I am also excited to start new Christmas traditions with our little family of 3.

With that in mind, I'm curious-what are some of your Christmas Eve and Christmas Day traditions/activities? I'd love to hear them and possibly steal them for our family!


  1. Hi Jodie, this is Kristin Marsh (I just saw your link pop up on facebook.) When I was growing up, we lived in France away from our extended family. So my parents started our own tradition: meat fondue on Christmas Eve(just raw meat and hot oil in the fondue pot to cook one delicious bite at a time.) Now I always associate fondue with Christmas Eve. Jason has promised me that it will continue to be our tradition no matter where we are in the world on Christmas Eve.

    As the oldest of four girls, I also directed a Christmas play for our parents after the fondue meal. We worked on it for weeks before hand and it was quite a production. My parents eventually decided I was too bossy and expecting too much out of my sisters and I was no longer allowed to do it, hehe. But it was a tradition for many years before that.

    During the month of December, my family and I also memorized Luke 2:1-20 by learning one verse per day. We put hand motions to it and everything. This is also something I plan on doing with my girls as soon as they are old enough.

    So far, Jason and I haven't really made up any new traditions, although we have done one different nativity coloring sheet with the girls every night before bed in December. I don't think it will be something we do when they are older, but it has been fun at this age.

    Have fun making up your own traditions. I'm sure you will make some fun memories!

  2. I can't think of a single tradition we have. We bounce from Al's mom to his dad and then my mom, somewhere different every year. Though I learned to make my mom's fudge, so there's a tradition. ;) We really should think of something that we can do wherever we are.

    We did start celebrating with an advent wreath this year, so I think we're going to take that with us. And Bethany has had a lot of fun with the nativity set we bought her, so we'll take that along too. We use it to act out the Christmas story, read from a children's book.

    A few years back we decided to make our big Christmas tradition at home decorating the house in early December. We're still working the kinks out, but I think as the girls get older, it will be better and more fun. :)

    I look forward to seeing what others do too!