Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To Quilt, Or Not To Quilt

For my birthday/Christmas I got a new sewing machine from my mom. I previously had my grandmother's machine, though it is now in bad shape and in need of enough repairs that it was cheaper to get a new machine, which is exactly what my mom did! :)

I've been itching for awhile to start a new project, but am tired of scrapbooking, have no desire to learn knitting or crocheting (sp???), can't really have a garden at this place, and want a project that will be challenging and rewarding. 

On a previous post this week I posted pictures of the new $5 garage sale find quilt rack that I repainted. It got me thinking about my grandmother's quilt, and great-grandmother's quilts that hang on it now. My grandmother LOVED to quilt and sew, and was involved in a quilting group at her church for many years. She made enough quilts (and one for each granddaughter) that at her funeral they were draped over all the pews/benches. There is a legacy in her quilts...something I'd love to attempt to protect and preserve. 

Since we just got this new table (garage sale find!!!) that means our old one can be used for projects downstairs. Spare table + new sewing machine + itching for a new project that'll take me awhile = to quilt or not to quilt???

...I'll keep you posted on my decision ;)...

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