Saturday, June 5, 2010 night...

Date Night:

6:00   Babysitter arrives on time (go Leia!)

6:10   Now running 10 minutes behind schedule as I finish picking up and telling her how to feed the boy

6:15   Arrive at cinema with tickets in hand (a friend got us movie tickets!) ready to watch SHREK 4 :)

        ...told by lady in box that we cannot put tickets toward Shrek because it's 3D

        ...told we can only put tickets toward Sex in the City (not happening!!!), or some other thing that sounded dumb

        ...told if we wanted to watch Shrek it'd be $24 for two tickets-What?! No way!

        ...left theatre and on to Plan B

6:25   Plan B: Blockbuster and dinner at Freddy's

7:00   Stop by HyVee to purchase angel food cake to go home and make strawberry shortcake. ...out of angel food cake... harass Alan in parking lot about forgetting his wallet at work.

      ...Alan begs me to go to Best Buy so he can play with the new iPad's ... :P

8:00   Done playing with technology, on our way home. Alan waves at nice policeman on bicycle by Coco Bolo's in Aggieville who is sitting on his bike in the intersection watching drivers and checking plates

       ...Go through intersection...see bike cop in rear view mirror

       ...Bike cop asks us-through the sunroof because our driver's window is broken-to pull over in the KSU parking lot

       ...Bike cop asks us if we know our tags are expired (by 5 days), Alan responds that he submitted it online at the beginning of May and we still have not received our tags, and that he was planning on stopping by the court house on Monday to check on it. ...Asks us if we know our right brake light is out (ugh, again?!? seriously?! We fix it MONTHLY!), asks us if we know we're missing a bolt and that our license plate is dangling...yep, need to find a bolt.

       ...Bike cop asks for license, insurance and registration. Alan says he doesn't have his license, that he left it at work and we were on our way to get it. Provide other info and wait on cop...

        ...Surprisingly Alan only gets a warning and is told to go get his license and to check on the registration!! Yay!!! No ticket! As the bicycle cop hands us the warning I ask if we can frame it to remember this Date Night, to which the officer laughs and says, "Oh, you're on a date?! Bet this hasn't happened on a date before ;)" to which Alan responds, "Well, actually, it did once..." 

8:30   Stop by Home Depot to get bolts and fix license plate in parking lot

8:45   Stop by Baskin Robbins to redeem the date just a bit with chocolate :)

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