Sunday, June 26, 2011

Decorating { & Duh! Moments}

And so the creating continues. I've been wanting to make a bulletin board for the kids' room, and thus far have stripped my old one of the fabric that was on it {with the help of a very talented piano student ;)}, yanked out all the old staples {...ok, so maybe the piano student did that part as well}, and spray painted the frame white. I want to get some fun fabric and ribbon for it, and I already have some silver clips instead of push pins...but alas, I am lacking motivation for what to do next. Not sure if I just want it for notes, to display Isaac's drawings, to post verses for him and songs, or what exactly.

And for that very reason, it is now hung in his room...blank. But with a really nice fresh white frame :) 
I will attempt it another day. 

But I did, finally, get motivated to make some pictures for his bathroom. Ever since we switched bedrooms and bathrooms, his has been plain and boring, and I can't blame the kid for wanting to take showers instead of baths anymore for that very reason! Gotta have a fun and bright bathroom!

To start off I found an old black picture frame in the basement-the kind with a collage of frames, and spray painted it white. After searching for ideas on what exactly to do with it, I came across an animal idea. I wanted to tie together boy and girl, and I'm hoping this did the trick:

Loved the final product! But that left me with two more plain walls that begged for attention. While looking at what I had created {all while the kid was playing great by himself-reading, coloring, playing, spilling mommy's cold water on himself, getting caught digging in the trashcan, coloring with his crayon on the glass front of the picture frame, you get the picture}, I decided I'd make another picture that said, "Air, Land, Sea...God Made All 3!" and then I'd also make another frame for above the bath of an ocean scene. 

How'd it turn out? Have a look!

Cute, right? Same colors (thanks to another big bunch of scrapbook paper I found I had and stickers to match!

...Look closer...

I took down the nice "decorative" towel I had hanging in there that we never used to match our bathroom decor. At least now we can add it to our set of towels that seem to be getting lost these days. Now we can hang their little hooded towels there :)

Two walls down, one to go! There was a HUGE blank space by the tub {I say tub because oddly enough considering it's a master bathroom, it has no shower!} so I filled it with another picture:

Ok, so let's back up. Remember the theme for the child bathroom? Well, did you catch my UGH! FAIL! moment? I went in to hang the ocean picture {mind you I did hammer a nail while my child was sleeping in his crib five feet away! Sound sleeper tonight thankfully :)}, and as I took a final picture, I noticed something odd. I called Alan in to see if he noticed it too...and as he graciously gave me a little hug he said, "Ah, Hun. That makes no sense at all."

^ Before. Aka~Mommy's DOH! moment. Really? "Earth, Land, Sea..."??! Perhaps it should read "Earth, Land, Sea...God Made...both?" 'Cause isn't the earth made up of land and sea? Contemplated the need for fixing it or letting it go since I was no exhausted. Decided if I didn't do it now, I never would. 

After. Fixed. Makes more sense now, huh? 

And the entire bathroom decor was free thanks to some old frames and old scrapbooking paper :)

And the kid will never know since he slept through it all :). 

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  1. Love it!! Esp. the white collage frame!! very cool!