Saturday, June 18, 2011

tHe CrEatiVe siDe

With Isaac, my nesting habits involved much, much organization & cleaning.

With a baby girl in the womb, I have become crafty & creative.

Make birdies to hang on carseat & playtime

Step 1.} Gather supplies and make patterns. Then empty bladder.

Step 2.} Set up makeshift ironing table because current ironing table is A. Downstairs where child can get into too much touble, and B. Broken. 
*Note what the ugly counter looks like now with clutter...that is a later project :) *

Birdies :) {it's ok, I totally admit the bottom one looks more like bird meets fish}

Step 3.} Attempt to make stuffed birdie for baby girl. Get frustrated because all my scissors are not sharp enough to cut through fabric. Get frustrated making pattern. Stop to relieve bladder...again.

Step 4ish.} Check on child who is playing a bit too quietly and find him sorting through mommy's make up bag. 

Step 5.} Complete, after much frustration, birdie {approx. 12"w by 6" tall. Be content with size as you originally wanted a bigger one, but forgot to allow for better inseam}

Cost of fabric for little birdies, big bird, and diaper holder: less than $10. I heart Hobby Lobby. I also already had the ribbon, the buttons, flowers and thread, so it was a pretty cheap but fun project!

Project 2:
Get motivated from first set of sewing projects & decide to make a little thing {can't think of an appropriate term} to keep diapers in inside the diaper bag

Happy with finished project, which was done in less than 2 hours, and included making an original pattern, stopping frequently to pee, and much deliberation on whether or not to close it with a button, to which I sewed a fake button and instead will add velcro later ;)

Happy that it turned out, and holds 6 newborn diapers!

Project 3:
Make scapbooks for cousins birthdays :)

The mess that is scrapbooking :)! Note that mommy's table has her laptop {with Pandora}...Note that the little dude decided to get creative as well, and he even brought his laptop ;)

I forgot I had these two albums, and found them in my hope chest as I was putting clean sheets in there. I had been wanting to do something like this for my cousins' birthdays, and was thrilled to find not only the albums hidden away, but also a new set of scrapbook paper and embellishments that I had bought on sale at
 Hobby Lobby about a year ago and not yet used. 
I love these albums because they have the magnetic clasp on front...

...and can be flipped over to display :)

Project 4:
Freshen Up Surroundings {aka de-clutter}

Remember the cluttered countertop? Check it out now :)

I forgot that I had 3 coffee pictures in storage downstairs until I found them a couple months back getting ready for a garage sale. I didn't know what to do with them, so they've been gathering dust on top my fridge just sitting there, waiting to be put somewhere. 

The recipe book stand was actually holding up a 12"x12" tile that I was wanting to add a verse or saying to, but haven't been able to find vinyl letters that I like, so it's been sitting on top my cabinets blankly. I'm sure people have wondered why the crazy lady is displaying random tiles. I re-purposed it tonight to hold recipe books, and in this case, the recipe scrapbook my mom made me of my 
grandmother's handwritten family recipes :)

Oh, and in the process of cleaning out the hall closet and reorganizing it today, I luckily found new night-light bulbs and the tin-star night lights!! Now I can see in the kitchen at night for those midnight cravings without turning on every light along the way :) 
Hmm...really does pay to clean once in a while as you never know what you'll find :)

I hate this backsplash above my sink. That's what you get for renting, folks, ugly green with no way to hang anything. Makes dishwashing boring {not that it isn't already a boring chore}. I've been wanting to hang something there for quite some time, but how does one hang something on tile? 
I came across the chalkboard that I used to use in photosessions, so I put some velcro with sticky back on it to hang it, and {WOOT WOOT!} finally have a non-boring and changeable picture. 

Another coffee picture I found in storage that needed a home in my kitchen. Perhaps you are wondering where the chic little glass bottle full of chalk came from?...

well, here's the before shot...}

(p.s. please ignore the spaghetti sauce splatter on the stove, or the dishes in the sink in the other picture :). Let's just say some chores had to be put on the back burner whilest I decorated :).