Friday, August 20, 2010

Hey there, missed you!

Ah, my classical music, how I have missed you. How I didn't realize how great it felt to soak you in today and listen to your every note! So I used to think Spring was my favorite Vivaldi Season, but after listening to's a tight competition. I love how Winter just feels like it's a snow storm hitting, then slowly melting away, the strings so short and sweet, almost like that bite of frigid air against skin. 


I've realized lately how I'd like Isaac to listen to more classical music with me, and when I put on Vivaldi, he absolutely LOVED it! He started giggling and moving around, 'dancing' so to speak! 


Having been a music major for nearly 3.5 semesters, I'm realizing that although my passion now is graphic design and photography, that music, those melody lines, the's still in my blood. When I go back and listen to classical (or Baroque, or Romantic, or Renaissance...the list goes on), I can feel it again. IT. The music. It's still alive in me, and I love that! I love that even though I don't have time to play {piano} as much these days, merely teaching lessons but not learning new pieces/playing the old ones I learned to love {and hate as well at times}, that I can still just listen and enjoy. 


He was right, Dr. Brown, my old college piano professor who, when I sat him down and told him I was switching my major to communications, looked at me directly in the eye and said words that still ring true to this day, "Jodie, you will ALWAYS come back to music. No matter what you do, what your degree is, what you will learn, you will ALWAYS come back to music." And he was right. 

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