Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pray for Kate McRae

For the past month or so I've been following the care page for little Kate McRae which I found on the Stuff Christians Like blog. I clicked on the link curious of what the prayers were needed for, and inside her care page site I met the story of this beautiful little girl in the fight for her life. Although I've missed some posts or early explanations, she has a form of brain cancer and has been undergoing surgery, chemo and radiation. And now it's time to wait and see how the treatments worked.  The last post on her care page asked for specific prayer requests, so I thought I'd post it here for any of you to read and perhaps say a prayer for her tonight.You can visit for more information.


Here's an excerpt from the latest post and the prayer requests:

As much as we are nervous for the upcoming days, we also relish in looking over the past year and clearly seeing God's hand. We have seen answers to the many prayers. And so we ask for your very specific prayers in the future. 

-Please be praying for for no evidence of cancer on Kate's scans ever, and that there be no cancer in her body,

even that which is undetectable.  

-be praying for protection for Kate's hearing from the chemotherapy and the radiation. 

-be praying for protection for Kate's vision from the radiation

-be praying for healing for Kate's kidneys from the large amounts of chemotherapy

-be praying for protection for her liver

-be praying for protection for the healthy parts of her brain from the radiation,

for no long term brain damage or learning difficultie

-be praying for protection of her hypothalmus from the radiation

and all of the many functions that it effects 

-be praying for protection from any secondary cancers that could

result from the chemotherapy and the radiation

-be praying for protection of her heart

-be praying for improvements in her right sided weakness

-be praying for God's protection of Kate's

reproductive system from the high dose chemotherapy

-be praying for protection for the artery that is encased in the tumor

that it would not be weakened from the radiation

So we wait. But we knock as we wait. Pleading for God to be gracious to Kate. Thank you for persistently knocking on the door of heaven with us for Kate.

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