Monday, April 5, 2010

Isaac's First Easter

Happy belated Easter!!!! We had so much fun this past Easter weekend with our little guy. On Good Friday we attended church, and because I didn't know there wasn't any nursery I just held him through the service...well...until right after communion when he decided it was time to start talking :). 

For Easter this year, GBC had their service as one big combined service in the grand ballroom on KSU campus. Thanks to my allergies, I have lost my voice, but that didn't stop me from praising the Lord and singing Hallelujah, He is Risen with nearly 700 other worshipers!! Isaac sat with us during that service as well...well...until he burped, cooed, then started talking again :). Hmm....perhaps we should work on our manners a bit during church?? After church we were invited over to the (shout-out) STANFIELDS for Easter lunch with their family and some KSU students. We had a great afternoon chatting and getting to know one another. We're very grateful to the Stanfields for having us over, as it is sad missing out on family gatherings back home, so thank you for allowing us to be a part of your family this Easter :). In a happy way though, it is special to us to do things like this, to gather with our family in Christ in our celebrations throughout the year when we can't gather with family.

As with Christmas, we want to start some new family traditions with Isaac, and Easter is no exception. We decided that in lieu of the favored Easter Bunny, we want Easter to be an opportunity to share and reflect on Christ's journey to the cross and victory on the third day. With that in mind, we still wanted to do an Easter basket with him, only we don't hide it and say it's from the Easter Bunny, but instead we sat down with him and went through his three gifts that each symbolize this special holy week and day. The first gift is red: Jesus' blood shed for us. The second gift is white: Jesus washed our sins away with his blood, and now we're white as snow/pure. The last gift is something new: New life in Christ. The something 'new' will most likely each year be new spring/summer church clothes, so this year all I could find that seemed appropriate for church was a little pair of overalls. His something red is a new little rattle (...I love the clearance aisle!...), and I really wanted to find a little white stuff lamb, but no such luck. Instead I thought practical, and his something white is new white socks :). Eventually as he gets older we'd like to read the passages of the stone being rolled away, and also make He is Risen Rolls (aka Resurrection Rolls or Magic Marshmallow Rolls), but this year we were too exhausted from our long day to make them!

We hope you all had a wonderful Easter, and a chance to thank Him for dying for you, that you may have new life in Him :). 








uh-oh, mom...i just urped on my egg!





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