Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Playing Catch-Up on the Blog

We've been a busy bunch here at the Gerlings, so this is my attempt to play catch-up on some recent Isaac activity...

A couple of highlights:

~Isaac wore his first Hawkeye gear. We were so proud ;).

~Isaac's first Valentines day!!!! The Weddle girls babysat so that we could go on a valentines date. We tried the new Radina's for a cup of java and a sweet treat, however the atmosphere was very busy and loud...not exactly what we were looking for. So, instead we headed out for a drive in the country for our date day. When we returned and picked up the little man we found some fun pictures of him on the camera!!

~Isaac and I attended our very first MOPS meeting over at another church. We met lots of other moms, had some fun fellowship, and best of all it was SPA day!!!! Yay!!! The picture speaks for itself, but Isaac was OUT when we got home. When he finally woke up about 30min later I went to put him in his swing only to smell something horribly wrong. Let's just say it was an emergency bathtime!!!!




Thank you, Grandma Sherry and Papa John, for my awesome Valentine's day gift! I'll share the chocolates with Mom and Dad because otherwise I'll just have to gum at them ;)

I gave my first Valentines gift to Miss Anna for watching me so Mom and Dad could go out. She loves chocolate covered espresso beans!!! Mr. Clark was there too, so I had a friend!


Mommy & me on Valentines. I was sad because I had to leave Miss Anna's.

On Saturday mornings I've been skyping Gma Sherry. I love technology <3

Me, conked out after mommy took me to MOPS. When I woke up, mom found a stinky little suprise that I made for her :). It meant an emergency load of laundry and bathtime early today!

I like smiling. Smiling's my favorite.


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