Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Jodie's Top 5

My Top 5 Things I Need To Get Through The Day:

1. My morning coffee.

2. Isaac's playmat and swing (ok, so two things, but they both serve the same purpose-entertain child and give my arms a rest!)

3. Simply Noise!! plays continuous white noise for when he sleeps. ...I guess that means by default I need my laptop and internet too...

4., for both me and Isaac. I hate silence, and the house is too quiet when daddy is gone at work, even though Isaac is starting to coo and chat with me now :)

5. Prayer.

My Guess at Daddy's Top 5 Things To Get Through The Day:

1. Nightly walk on treadmill with episode of Star Trek/Stargate/Star Something

2. Daily reading of emails and Drudge Report.

3. Music. Mainly from Rhapsody while at work....although mommy can steal it and sign in at home which kicks daddy off!

4. Logos. (His techy Bible if you will. Again, by default that means laptop and internet.)

5. Crystal Light packets for his bottled water.

....I shall update later and we'll see how far off I was on daddy's top 5...



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