Monday, February 22, 2010

Mommy's Letter to Isaac

Dear Isaac,

Today Mommy fed you and laid you down for your afternoon nap. Then she went into the kitchen and started making lunch. Since the George Forman wasn't working quite right, she decided to make the hamburger on the stove. After placing the patty on the skillet, she noticed a bit of smoke and realized something was on the burner, but no big deal. She turned around to get something, and turned back to find a LOT of smoke so she turned on the fan, turned off the burner, and removed the skillet...

Then the burner caught on fire!!!! Mommy panicked and grabbed the bag of flour in the cooking cabinet next to the stove to smother the flames (the fire extinguisher was farther away in the hall closet and knowing the cook-books were about to go up in flames too, mommy tried to think fast. 

After she got the flames smothered out with the flour, she noticed more smoke coming from the oven, and opened it to realize that the flour that fell through to the oven itself was starting to smolder because Mommy forgot she left the oven on broil after baking her french fries to go with her hamburger.

With all the smoke in the house, Mommy then started fanning the door open and shut trying desperately to get the smoke to calm down a bit. Then she realized that the smoke detectors would probably start going off, and that it might scare you and definitely wake you from your nap, so she went around the upstairs taking them down and removing the batteries. (Grandparents: Don't worry, they are back in place and in working order).

Well, Mommy was able to get the flour all cleaned up and cleaned the oven as well, and it works just fine. She's not sure what was on the burner that caught fire, but is interested in learning where one can purchase new burner plates as they didn't clean up very well. Daddy came home and told Mommy that since it was Ash Wednesday, if I really wanted some ash to put on my forehead that I could have dug some out of the fireplace. Mommy's friend Shawna called and sang "Chim-Chiminey" to her on the answering maching.

And through it slept :). Peacefully. Quietly. Without any disturbance, you slept :).

But Mommy did stop and take a moment to thank God that those flames were quickly put out and we were both safe and unharmed :).

I love you, Isaac! I promise to not burn anything else in the near future ;).



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