Friday, June 8, 2012

April Showers of Blessings

April was a month of fun, family, and blessings. Grandpa Gene and Grandma Rita visited over Palm Sunday weekend and we soaked up some outdoor time at the local parks. One of the parks, literally in our back yard, was apparently founded by one of my ancestors! Who knew!! It was a special moment to share that with my dad while we were at the park. My dad and I love sharing family history facts, so this was a fun new find.

We were also blessed with the purchase of a new MINIVAN!!!! After praying for 2 years for a minivan, the Lord provided through our dear friends back home in Iowa, and we are LOVING our new van, the added space and the air! We do miss our little white car, mommy misses the sunroof the most, but we do NOT miss not having air or the cramped space!

Another blessing was celebrating our 4th Easter here, and this year we got to spend it with our dear friends, the Cline family. We got to have an Easter egg hunt in their yard, ride bikes, run barefoot in the grass and celebrate Spring, and also our Risen Savior.

Abi and her future hubs on Easter.

Abi with my dear friend, her future Mother In Law ;)

The happy chaos family pic.

{he was mowing their grass for them}

We don't do Easter Bunny, but we do Easter baskets ;)

Abi got new spoons, bows, and I think a new little teether toy. Isaac got some new alphabet flash cards and new sippy cups ;)

What's better than a shower? A bubble machine IN the shower!

Poor girl played too hard that morning.

Isaac and I playing trains one morning.

Isaac fuels his train at the fueling station. I fuel mine at the Radina's station.

Shout out to SRVN! Here's your glittery girl ;)

He refused to nap, so he hung out in the doorway playing, until he fell asleep there.

Playing Super Why games on mommy's laptop.

I have no clue how she got that taggie on her back! She woke up from her nap like this.

7.5 months and FINALLY started putting weight on her little legs!

Mommy cleaned out the closet, so Isaac wanted to try on EVERYTHING.

He was supposed to be napping in his bed, but then I discovered this! He'd gotten his stool, gathered a ton of books, and helped himself to our bed!

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