Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Please Help Water Our Thirsty World

There is a need right now for water. Fresh, CLEAN water. Most likely at some point today, you grabbed a glass from the cabinet and got a drink of tap water...or you drank from a public drinking fountain...or you bought a bottled water at the store. Point is: you had fresh, clean, uncontaminated water at your fingertips within minutes, if not seconds.

But there are people in this world who do not have fresh drinking water, and instead drink from streams that they've had to walk miles for just a taste of the dirty brown water. They deserve more, and we can help. 

There is a wonderful organization out of southeast Iowa called Water Our Thirsty World  whose purpose is to take chlorine filtration systems to parts of the worlds where there is no clean water. 

Watch this video to learn more. 

If you would like to give, you may visit their site at and you can give via paypal on their "Get Involved" page. In roughly 3 short weeks, the team at WOTW will be taking chlorine devices to villages in Africa, and teaching the local people how to use their devices, and the importance of drinking and using clean water. For the people receiving these filters, this is a life saving moment! 

For those living in southeast Iowa, you have an opportunity to get involved next Wednesday, April 25 at 6pm on the campus of IWC for their Water Walk 2012. Visit Facebook here for more information. For those who live in Kansas or elsewhere and would like to donate for the trip to Afraic and/or help purchase a filter, visit the website and donate via paypal, or contact Alan or myself to donate and we will make certain your donation gets to the WOTW team. Remember: No donation is too small for this awesome cause. 

Feel free to repost this blog and share with family and friends and help spread the urgency of helping meet the need of clean, safe water for all. 

*Photos from WOTW website and facebook page. 

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