Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A New Found Love

I stumbled across this new blog.

Ok, I lied. I kinda stumbled across it. I won't go into detail here just how, but let's just say God works everything to the good of those who love Him.

Here's the site: www.incourage.me

Real name is (in)courage. Don'tcha love that name?

Anyway, it is a site/blog for women who love the Lord to come and share, be encouraged (hello Captain Obvious!), and to grow in friendships, relationships, and more importantly in the Lord. Check it out:

They also have a new fall Book Club book by Angie Smith (wife of Todd Smith from Selah). I haven't started following this yet, or gotten the book yet, but am hoping to soon. You can find more on this at this link http://vimeo.com/28911850

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