Friday, August 12, 2011

Trail of a Toddler

I gave up chasing him today. I let him play with whatever he wanted. My floor is now covered in:

1 raisin fallen from the high chair
2 sticker books
3 random stickers stuck to the linoleum floor
2 stocking caps
2 pair of mittens
1 pair of mommy's flip flops he tried wearing
1 winter coat
1 rain coat (it was raining outside, so he insisted he needed to wear it inside)
1 sippy cup
1 play kitchen
1 play cupcake thingy
3 books
2 pieces of play fence from play farm
1 can of corn
2 large containers of oats
1 container of hot chocolate
1 jar of gravy
1 pkg honey grahams
1 pair size 7 toddler sandals
1 pair of daddy's shoes size 13
1 wooden train
1 play laptop
2 jars of spaghetti sauce (thankful he didn't drop them)
1 pkg wheat flour unopened (thankfully)
numerous random coffee filters
1 'fit the object in its shape' game
1 old Gerber baby food jar
1 box lasagna noodles
1 can black beans might not sound like much, except that we live in a small duplex, and ALL of this is just in the front room and kitchen, and I keep tripping over everything, but don't have the energy (or room) to keep bending over this baby belly to pick stuff up! Good thing he's learned to put his toys away at night :). He made me tired just watching him play...

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