Wednesday, July 6, 2011 ideas and inspirations...

I'm on a decorating on a budget kick. A sewing kick. A creative kick.

I was looking for book ideas to check out at the library for Isaac, and randomly this picture came up of shelves to hold books (and then listed a bunch of cool books). I remember telling Alan how it'd be cool to make shelves like that, but shelves are hard to do considering we rent and cannot screw anything to the wall, only nail it. So I gave up on the cool shelf idea...

...until now! I am in a blog mood-I LOVE reading decorating blogs and seeing how amazingly creative women can take a $5 chair from craigslist and make it into something that looks more like $50 or more! I stumbled upon this blog and as I scrolled through old posts, I found the SAME IMAGE of the bookshelf I saw last week!!! This time it had a DIY blog about how to make the shelves, and it looks SO easy!!!

Here's a link to the blog and the shelf idea.

We recently cleaned up an area of the basement for Isaac to play while we're hanging out down there, and I want to make 3 of these shelves, paint them in fun colors and display his books rather than keep them in their current mess with all his other toys.

...Now to break the news to Alan that he gets to make a trip to Menards and help me with this project ;)

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