Monday, May 23, 2011

Time To Get CrEaTiVe!!!

I finally have energy {and time} to work on some projects I've been wanting to do but haven't felt like doing thanks to lack of energy and nausea. Here are a couple creative projects we did before our trip to Iowa and today :)

{above & below: Isaac and his soon-to-be sister's new room!}

We worked on this before our Iowa trip, and I'm thankful it's done & ready!

{mommy & Isaac cleaned out the closet. yay for organization...

...and for GARAGE SALES!!!}


{long time no scrapbook! felt GREAT to be creative today ;). finished a mini-scrapbook for our soon-to-be little girl}

{Isaac even got in on the fun! Mommy made him a little flip book to color
that documents his faves at this age}

{Mommy then decided to fill the Ball jar with crayons-now when he wants to 
color he can have mommy get the jar of crayons and work more on his book!}


  1. Really cute idea for a book for Isaac. I should do something like that for Lincoln. Although, he really hasn't figured out that crayons are NOT food. :)

  2. Isaac tried eating his first crayons ;). And today he tried shoving them up his nose too :)