Saturday, January 8, 2011


It's saturday morning around 10am, and I have a somewhat sick husband in bed (not sure if it's something he ate last night on our date night, or a current bug he caught floating around this town). I can vaguely hear the sounds of...could it be...Stargate?? coming from his laptop in the bedroom.

It's saturday morning around 10am, and my cranky child is napping. Already. He's only been up since about 8am, but was in a rather cranky mood. I'm frustrated because as of lately, he cannot stand to be changed on his changing table first thing when he wakes up in the morning, thus putting both Mommy and Child in a bad mood. He's also been cranky and fussy as we're getting moving in the morning, and today was no exception as he stood and wailed at the babygate to our bedroom, looking longingly at Daddy in bed and not understanding why he couldn't go play with Daddy this morning. Crocodile tears were involved in this mini-tantrum. To soothe said child, we curled up in Daddy's chair and watched The Wiggles for the first time, and he even cuddled and rested his head on my shoulder...poor kid.

It's saturday morning around 10am, and I'm still in my pj's, my hair pulled back, though the use of a brush was evidently not used, my teeth not brushed, and my eyes still have yet to fully open from a night of no sleep thanks to Daddy getting up sick.

It's saturday morning, around 10am, and I have no ambitions, motivations or expectations for the day other than to lay low and rest. To play with my child. To help Daddy feel better. To possibly fold some laundry so that my family can at least attend church tomorrow wrinkle-free.

It's saturday morning, around 10am, and I'm realizing that other than Christmas Day, this is the first Saturday since about September that we haven't had to be somewhere to do something at a said time with certain people, or to photograph anything for anyone, or to travel to somewhere, but to

It's saturday morning, around 10am, and I retract my statement about no ambitions for my day: My goal is to stay in my pj's all day long, to attempt to read more of The Magician's Nephew (I never read any C.S. Lewis growing up. I thought The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe were three seperate books), and finally, to take a nice LONG nap while Isaac naps this afternoon.

Oh, and to day dream about Spring and hope it comes fast. I'm ready for green buds on the tree limbs, gentle blossoms on the flowers, crsip yet warmer weather, capris and light jackets, and playtime at the park.


  1. I'm so sorry you lost your first free Saturday in ages to sickness and crankiness. :( Maybe you better find another day to clear and have a quiet family day in pj's when everyone can enjoy it. *hugs*

  2. To explain Chelle's comment: ten min after writing this post my hubby asked me to take a shower and run to the store for him, then the child woke up, then he wouldn't nap, then I had to start laundry so I could sleep in a clean bed that was a long day of no rest :P