Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Early} Spring Cleaning is Rewarding!

Daddy has a meeting all night tonight, so my little guy and I played pretty hard! He even helped me clean his room and his closet, and while he sat and played with his Easter basket and eggs, I sorted through boxes, clothes, toys, baby stuff...

Earlier today I sat down and made a list of the things I'd like to get cleaned and decluttered. I know, spell check is telling me that is not a word, but in my mommy vocabulary, it is at the top of the list! So, speaking of list, what else is on mine other than Isaac's closet?

  • Clean out night stand (of old magazines, pamphlets, books, lip gloss, old lotion. Don't lie, I know yours probably has some similar items)
  • Organize Dresser
  • Clean and Organize Isaac's Closet
  • Clean out bathroom cabinets (the little guy has a tendency these days to want to head for the tub to find his toys, but I don't have child safety locks on the cabinets, only the door to the bathroom which I always forget to shut!)
  • Organize hall closet (this one's a doosey. I think this is a seasonal job, not a yearly one)
  • Put stuff up from drawers that Isaac can now reach (self explanatory)
  • Clean out hutch in basement so it can become Isaac's toy cabinet
  • Clean laundry room (bleh)
As you can see, it's a really *ahem* fun list! So there I was tonight, standing in front of Isaac's closet debating with the the mommy angel on one shoulder telling me to clean, and the mommy devil on the other shoulder saying, "Come on, slack off a little! A little clutter never hurt no one!" (I believe the little devil one would probably have poor grammar).

I chose to be the good mommy and clean Isaac's closet, and for that, I was rewarded!! Recently I was looking at the store at the bathtub toy holders/nets thinking that perhaps I should get one for his alphabet letters and fishies, but couldn't bring myself to pay for one at this time. Then I also have been thinking of getting a faucet guard of some sort because he always wants to touch our corroded faucet but I don't want him getting hurt, burnt or cutting himself on the edge. So after patiently waiting on not purchasing said items for the last month, tonight I found something. It was a gift from a friend for one of our baby showers for Isaac, and it was a little box that had a bath time froggy, a froggy net for the alphabet letters and other bath toys, and a froggy faucet cover. Needless to say, mommy was pretty happy tonight, and Isaac loved his bath with his new froggy friends :).


  1. Aw, that's so cool! It's like finding money in an old coat pocket. I love God's little surprises. :)

  2. OK, seriously, if you are going to approve your comments anyway, do I have to do the stupid CAPTCHA? :P