Monday, March 15, 2010

Mommy's Daily

My husband and the other staff send out "daily" emails to let each other know of their daily schedules and when they'll be in and out of the office. This is my "daily" for today:

4am cranky baby wakes up house. Let him fuss a bit, he usually soothes himself back to sleep. 

4:15am give in to cranky baby and go put pacifier back in. Baby goes back to sleep. Mommy goes back to sleep.

4:45am baby wakes up again. Same routine, only daddy's turn.

5am Mommy's turn again. He's not acting hungry, so put in pacifier and go back to sleep.

5:30am Mommy gets him up, notices diaper extremely soaked, changes diaper, rocks baby and rubs baby's back. Bubbles escape baby's diaper...guess they were in his belly and that's why he couldn't sleep. Rocks baby to sleep, uses this time for prayer time and even prays, "Lord, thank you for waking me at this early hour to pray for my friends today before their day begins." mommy realizes now that she was way to happy at that early hour and she would not be feeling that way soon.

6am put baby back in crib.

6:30am here we go again! Daddy attempts to feed baby. baby eats 6oz, goes right back to sleep. Score one for daddy!!! Daddy comes back to the comfy, warm bed.


6:45am Mommy brings in baby's swing, put's it in their bedroom, puts baby in swing and tells him to go night-night already!

7am baby sound asleep. 

8am uh-oh. batteries to swing die. but baby is still asleep, so we let him be.

9:30am mommy wakes up and decides to make pancakes to attempt to revive the day. crawls out of bed, stubs "this little piggy had none" into baby's swing. surprisingly doesn't wake up baby! mom mutters under her breath and limps out of room.

10am starts pancakes and coffee. 

10:15am pours coffee puts pancakes on plate. searches for syrup. no syrup. out of syrup. 

10:30am puts waking baby in his crib to let him stretch. he smiles at me. darn, he's still cute. starts writing this...

11am...remembers her coffee is sitting in its mug on the counter, now cold.

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