Saturday, March 6, 2010

Lord, Give Me Roots to Make Me Strong

(photo taken at Lake Milford, Fall 2008)


...Lord, Give Me Roots to Make Me Strong...

I was up feeding Isaac early this morning and was praying for a friend, and I had this awesome picture, a visual if you will, this thought that (ok, bear with me here) that we we are the tree, planted by God. He is our roots that make us strong, that give us life and fruit and feeds our spirits. The more time I spend with Him, the more I give to Him, the more I turn everything over to Him, the stronger and deeper my roots will be. Then, in the storms, in the rain, from the gentle rains to the fiercest storms that bring my tree bending to the earth, He will be the roots that hold me firm. When we're anxious, when we're having trouble giving it to Him, which I SO OFTEN DO!!!!, then I'm not trusting that He's the one in charge, the one ready to hold me strong and provide for me during that bad weather. I'm trusting on my own strength, and that's when I become weak and bend in the wind. But when I trust Him, he makes me stronger, and I can stand tall and firm in my faith in Him. My tree can grow, it can flourish like the new birth of each beautiful spring, and He'll make my weakest branches strong so that all my songbirds (my friends) will have a place to sit and sing with me, a place to rest in my shade if they need a shoulder, even a place to poop on from time to time (vent) :) as all birds will do ;). 


My sisters in faith are like the trees surrounding me, our roots deep and entangled in each other, helping each other to be strong. And together, we're a forest, blocking the wind, providing lush beauty and shade for the lives around us, a branch here and there the swing from, a cozy place to sit and Be Still under. 

I know, it sounds kinda weird (granted it is 5am), but I like the thought :). Thank you for sharing your roots with me, my friend :).


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