Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Playtime and Other Randomness

Not really sure there's a theme for this post, other than randomness ;), but here are some more crazy pics from our crazy little life here in KS ;)

I spy with my little eye...wait...where's Isaac??! He LOVES playing hide and seek!

Mommy was measuring to hang a mirror, so he helped me. He'd go measure the wall and tell me it was "twenty". Notice he's using his mommy's PINK tape measure ;)

We had bad colds and needed some low energy playtime ideas, so filling the sink with bubbles and letting him at it was the trick ;)

Happy Saint Patty's Day!

In honor of Saint Patty's Day, we not only dressed green, but we wore green ;). Started solid foods this month!

Like father... son.

Again with the hide and seek, I 'hid' him in Abi's bed for Daddy to find ;). He didn't want to get out!

...this one is awaiting a caption...

Playtime at Keats Park! 

A friend blessed us with a TON of clothes for Abi, and among them was this fleece hat, which he LOVED, but looked more than silly in ;)

Mommy and the kiddos walked to Baskin Robbins for a nice little treat since it was so warm out. Abi was NOT happy that she didn't get to try any ice cream yet.

Daddy was slightly mean to the little guy the other morning, and put his new diaper over his clothes. Isaac wasn't quite awake enough to realize it wasn't quite right.

Daddy brought Mommy home a frozen treat the other night. Poor little guy felt left out, and Mommy caved and gave him the last few tastes. Best Mommy in the world!!! (...or worst Mommy for feeding him sugar before bed!) ;)

Isaac told me he built a house!...then added that it was for him and Daddy. Oh...ok...where do Mommy and Abi live?

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