Friday, February 17, 2012

New Year, New Blog Posts!!

Welcome 2012!! It's a new year, and my resolution was to start blogging pictures of the kids again for family and friends. Good thing my resolution wasn't to stop being late about stuff or procrastinating on stuff!! 

To start us off, here are some recaps from our lives in January and February...

Alan had a Youth Leader's Retreat to KC at the end of January, so the Houston girls made a trip down for some fun!! Aunt Jill played hide and seek with the little guy, Ali let him have control of her "hello" (phone), Grandma Bff (you know that beep sound Skype makes? Sounds like "bffff--bffff--bfff", well, Isaac named his Grandma Sherry "Bfff" after that sound). 

And below, a few favorites from Valentine's Day (Abi's first!!). Daddy started the day off by putting Isaac in the "Pretty in Pink" bib, which he wasn't too fond of. Abi made it her personal goal to eat her tutu (that was the day before V-Day...yep, she wore something with hearts and pink all week!) For Valentine's, Isaac got some new bath toys, and Abi got some new hair clips ;).

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  1. If you're having trouble viewing the images, do a google search for "image resizer power toy" and install it. Then when you hover your mouse of a picture, a bigger pictures should pop up so you can view the image much larger.